Crash pads R12

Crash pads R12

Frame sliders manufactured to fulfill the main function which is to protect the motorcycle from a fall. However, with these protectors, PUIG offers several extras that the user must consider before the purchase:

  • The rubber that incorporates the slider protects rider’s knee from possible hits while  getting on the motorcycle.
  • Possibility of replacing the rubber of the protector with another color that perhaps match better your motorcycle. Frame sliders are delivered in grey color as default.

With all of our frame sliders designed specifically for each motorcycle, a mounting instruction is supplied for proper mouting. If spare parts are needed, we have them, check our new website.

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Technical features

  • Design
    Do not protrude from the handlebar and touch after the footrests.

    Protector of the driver's knee of possible blows when getting on the motorcycle. It is in gray color.

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