Protect the hollow areas of the frame with Puig side covers for the BMW S1000RR, the perfect complement to your sports ride.

Every owner of a sports motorcycle knows the importance of keeping the bike protected and clean. The BMW S1000RR is one of those bikes that exudes the racing essence through each of its pores, from the looks to the last screw of its frame. Puig's engineers know this and for that reason, have devised side covers in line with the aesthetics of this supersport, ref. 3833N.


These side protections are located around the chain area to cover the hollow areas in the frame, which leave visible elements of the mechanics that are very difficult to keep clean. It is easy to lift stones and loose particles on the road or circuits while riding. Its placement will prevent dirt from entering the frameas well as any small particle. In addition, thanks to its manufacturing in ABS, these covers will also absorb aposible impact of such objects to the rider.


The product is manufactured along with the screws needed for installation. Its instalation can be done following the steps in the instructions provided by Puig. For this, certain elements present in the bike itself are used, without the need to make important modifications to its structure.