PUIG presents the new 2.0 levers. These new levers are an evolution of the levers 1.0. in several points:

  • Improved ergonomic: we changed the profile of the area where the fingers rest, going from a very straight to a more rounded to facilitate the operation and touch of the levers. Special mention for the model extendable-foldable lever where the configuration has also been modified to leave the area of ​​the fingers completely flat.
  • Designed improvement: all the graphics of the lever have been changed to give a more modern look to the lever.

We also have for these new 2.0 Levers four different models:

  • Foldable levers
  • Unfoldable levers
  • Short levers
  • Extendable-foldable levers

As you know, PUIG offers the possibility to customize the color of your motorcycle's levers as you prefer. 7 colors availables.

The levers are delivered with detailed assembly instructions and do not require modification of the motorcycle. If it is the first time you want to purchase a set of PUIG levers, you should also know you need to buy the specific adapters for your motorcycle. Important: Our levers are not to be mounted with the original adapters.


We recommend that the assembly of the adapters is done by a specialist mechanic. As a result of possible variations in the brake pump models, before riding with the motorcycle, the wheel must be lifted with a stand and check that it is not blocked. If the wheel is blocked it can cause brake block. 

5 steps to find the part# for your levers
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Mounting Tips

Technical features

  • Measure Extensible drop handle 2.0.
  • Measure Short Handle 2.0.
  • Measure Fixed handle 2.0.
  • Measure Folding handle 2.0.
  • TÜV
  • ABE 91294


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