Tracker rearview mirror

Tracker rearview mirror

Add a retro touch to your motorcycle with this new PUIG rearview mirror.

Simple and elegant, it will be the perfect option to give your motorcycle a vintage look thanks to the design’s minimalist lines. Its two finishes, black or aluminium, will fit perfectly with your motorcycle’s look by enhancing its retro style.
It is a resistant and quality part since it is machined from billet aluminium and later anodized. It is adjustable both in inclination and in height. It adapts to the handlebar end of the motorcycle in a simple way. As for the assembly, the Tracker rearview mirror may require adapters in certain models to attach to the motorcycle.
The Rearview Tracker is a non-homolagated product and its sizes are 58 mm in diameter, 92 mm in height and 72 mm in width (from the base) and in reference to the glass, the rearview mirror uses an antiglare glass to improve visibility during riding and it’s available for handlebars with internal diameter 13/18 mm.

Models of Rear Mirrors

  • Retro rearview mirror
  • Hypernaked Mirror
  • Rearview Explorer
  • GT back mirror
  • GTI Rearview Mirror
  • F1 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 1 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 2 Back mirror
  • Hi-Tech 3 Back mirror
  • Rearview Mirror Grand Tracker
  • Tracker rearview mirror
  • Hi-Tech 4 Back mirror
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Technical features

    58mm diameter
    Inclination and height of mirror
    To handlebar bar end
    Produced from billet aluminium and anodized afterwards


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