Rearview Mirror F1.1

Rearview Mirror F1.1

Renew the image of your motorcycle with the new F1.1 mirrors from Puig. Machined from an anodized billet aluminium block, with anti-glare glass. They can be purchased in two finishes, black or anodized aluminium.

These accessories are designed under the Puig Hi-Tech parts parameters, not homologated, adjustable both in height and inclination thanks to its ball and socket joint system. In addition, they will be adaptable either to the mirror’s rod or to the original fairing using adapters.

Models of Rearview Mirrors

  • Rearview mirror Retro
  • Rearview mirror Hypernaked
  • Rearview mirror Explorer
  • Rearview mirror GT
  • Rearview mirror GTI
  • Rearview mirror F1
  • Rearview Mirror F1.1
  • Rearview mirror Hi-Tech 1
  • Rearview mirror Hi-Tech 2
  • Rearview mirror Hi-Tech 3
  • Rearview mirror Grand Tracker
  • Rearview mirror Tracker
  • Rearview mirror Hi-Tech 4
  • Rearview Mirror Monaco
  • Rearview Mirror Look
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Right Back Mirror

Includes screw M10/125 + M10/125 left thread + screw M8/125 + M8/125 left thread

Technical features

    Mirror inclination and height
    A rod and adapters available for original fairing
    Produced from billet aluminium and anodized afterwards


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