Rearview Mirror GT.1

Rearview Mirror GT.1 for motorcycle Honda CBR1000RR FIREBLADE 2020

A final ball joint is added to the design of the GT mirror, so you are able to adjust the mirror by hand. The perfect combination.

Machining from billet aluminium, the manufacturing process is reflected by the tool's passing lines. The final anodizing gives it an excellent finish and allows it to be offered in a single color (arm and mirror housing) or in combination of silver-black colors.

Supplied with screws (M10 / 125 and M8) for fixing to the handlebar bracket. Check availability of specific adapters for your bike.

Homologated mirror.

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Rearview Mirror GT.1 For Honda CBR1000RR FIREBLADE 2020

Technical features

    Machined from an aluminum block and posterior anodized



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