E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System)
E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System)
E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System)
E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System)

E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System) for motorcycle Triumph TIGER 800 XC 2020

Protect yourself from the possible inclement weather during the ride with the electronic lifting mechanism (E.R.S.) of Puig.
Electronically machined, you can vary the position of the windshield, easily and with one finger during the ride thanks to the actuator button located on the handlebar.

The ERS system allows you to elevate the windscreen 6 cm more than the original lifting mechanism and allows it to lower its position 2 cm lower than the original as well, ideal for use in off-road riding.

One of the main advantages of the ERS system is that it does not require a fixing support and its structure significantly improves the rigidity of the original part on the bike.

The piece has been designed to be mounted with the original screen or with one of the Puig models.

The installation of the new mechanism does not require mechanical or electronics knowledge. It comes with simple assembly instructions, supplied in paper as well as a video tutorial to enjoy the piece quickly and easily.

Product’s information

Meet the new generation of products to adapt your aerodynamic protection to each moment and driving circumstances. Puig has designed the electronic lifting mechanism for screens so you can adapt the aerodynamic protection that you want and need at any time with just one finger and while riding your motorcycle peacefully.

The E.R.S. (Electronic Regulation System) is a plug & play mechanism that offers you the possibility of modifying the screen height of your Triumph Tiger 800 by 150 mm for moments that require high protection such as on expressways or adverse weather conditions, or, on the other side, decrease this height below the original screen for city or off-road driving.

This mechanism has been completely designed and manufactured in Barcelona using the highest technologies to provide a substantial improvement to your motorcycle and an accessory with unique features that will improve all your outings thanks to its adaptability and ease use.

Its aluminum and iron with anti-corrosion treatment and black textured paint supports ensure a strong and light fixing of the mechanism to your motorcycle.

The maximum height of the screen is +70 mm (+3.94 inch) and the minimum height is -15 mm (-0.4 inch) compared to the original screen.

Its installation is simple, plug & play, does not require knowledge of mechanics or electronics and can be easily done by following the assembly instructions in video format step by step.

The E.R.S. is compatible with the original screen, the Puig screen, or any other accessory made for this motorcycle model.

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