Levers 3.0: the most advanced technology, at your fingertips

Evolution of version 2.0, the new levers 3.0 from Puig provide a completely updated design with seven colors to choose from and ergonomic improvement to make them more accessible.

Grip, touch, accessibility and drive are fundamental aspects in the levers of a motorcycle to convey confidence in riding and comfort during long journeys. To achieve a perfect attachment to the handlebar of our ride, Puig offers the 3.0 levers, an evolution of the 2.0 and that is a great technological and ergonomic advance.


Completely re-designed, its new shape improves the feel of the lever to our hand, which contributes to a better grip and favors its fast and effortless operation. If the movement is smooth and the positionnatural, the riding experience improves.


The aesthetics of these high-tech levers also vary graphically and its appearance is now much more technological and advanced. The new look have been conveniently improved and modernized, you will be able to choose between 7 different colors.


The 3.0 Puig levers are available in 4 different models: folding, fixed, short and folding/extendable. The efforts of the Puig brand have focused on the improvement of this latest model, by modifying the configuration to ensure that the working area of ​​the fingers on the clutch or brake levers do not cause any problem or inconvenience.


With a weight of 100 grams, the folding and fixed levers measure 160 mm, while the short one measures 129 mm and the folding lever between 133 and 153 mm. Based on the most advanced technology solutions in the world of competition, the lever base selector is inspired by the F-1 steering wheel adjustment knobs to modify the vehicle settings. On the other hand, the indentation in the final section reduces air pressure.


For the instalation of the 3.0 handles, which do not require modifications to the motorcycle, the user has detailed instructions. In case it is the first time you install a set of Puig levers, specific Puig adaptors must also be purchasedfor the motorcycle, since these levers are not installedas the originals.


The 3.0 levers from Puig are certified by the TÜV and have the German ABE 91294 approval.