Moto GP Style: Brake Lever Protector

The Puig brake lever protector will avoid the risk of actuating the lever by contact with another rider or vehicle. Available for sports and naked motorcycles.

The vast majority of sport motorcycle users, of all types of displacement, take advantage of any occasion they get to enter a circuit. Our country has a wide range of available tracks, ideal for squeezing the power of their machines to the top with little risk and with plenty of room for error. These speed buffs are very familiar with brake lever protectors, a vital piece for competition riders like Marc Márquez (Moto GP) or Jonathan Rea (WorldSBK). Now it is possible to mount these protectors in street sport motorcycles, giving them an even more racing and radical image.


After years between paddocks and working side by side with the best teams on the grid, the Puig manufacturer transfers all the knowledge acquired to its catalog’s parts. An example of this are these universal brake levers, designed to avoid brake actuation due to any unexpected external contact. This solution, typical in competition motorcycles, will prevent accidental falls on the circuit. Its shape prioritizes the protection and integration of the lever as a whole, since the system has a bidirectional adjustment of the protector, longitudinally and perpendicular to the grip.


In addition, its aesthetics are closely related to racing. The arrow design detail, finished with a rounded tip, sharpens the character of the bike and the wide variety of colors allow them to fit your personality. Same way, it can also be combined with other parts from the Puig Hi-Tech Parts catalog such as the brake levers themselves or sports grips. A customization that has also conquered the most popular naked bike segments, which have gradually also incorporated this protection accessory.


Its manufacture is carried out under the quality and reliability standards of the Puig Hi-Tech Parts department. After machining a billet aluminium block, it is anodized to achieve the protection and durability required for the Catalan manufacturer's catalog. For this reason, the base of the structure is black. The total length, starting from the grip to the tip of the arrow is 120 millimeters and can be mounted on handlebars with an internal diameter of 13 to 18 millimeters, without requiring an adapter.


In case you need an adapter, the Puig catalog has the specific adaptor according to your motorcycle model. Accurate clutch side counterweights can also be added, a key element in unifying motorcycle components. In case you want to change the color of the end of the protector, but keep the structure, Puig also allows you to purchase this part alone as a replacement.