With the new lifting mechanism for the screen of the Yamaha Tenere 700, the rider will be able to modify the position of the windshield at any time, without the need for tools.

The Yamaha Tenere 700 is one of the motorbikes chosen by the most adventurous and demanding bikers. Its off-road capabilities have made it one of the most popular models for long-distance motorists, many of them with mountain sections. Faced with such success, we have developed a manual lifting mechanism for your screen that we call M.E.M. Its development has been carried out taking into account the requests and needs of the users of this motorcycle.


Thanks to this mechanism, which allows changing the position of the screen without the need for tools, the pilot will be able to adapt its placement according to the environment. The M.E.M. allows a range of motion of 100 millimeters, without fixed levels. In the event of driving on the motorway, at high speeds, on terrain with small stones or in the middle of a storm, raise the M.E.M. it will offer considerable aerodynamic protection. If you require greater visibility, in the city or on a complicated section, you can lower it to avoid interference or give the Tenere 700 a more sport look.


The use of this manual lifting mechanism is carried out through fixations. If you want to modify the position of the screen, you will only need to turn them to loosen, retouch the location and retighten these fixations. The M.E.M is capable of raising the screen 80 millimeters from the usual position and can lower its placement by 20 millimeters.


This part is compatible for the OEM and Puig Touring screen. Tools will only be needed during its assembly, which is done thanks to four screws included in the package, along with the detailed instructions and which are also on the website.