Cleaning the Puig headlight protector will be very easy thanks to the new Quick Release system, developed by the designing team.

The more adventurous riders like to have their machine always ready, ready to be enjoyed and admired on whatever route arises. Puig has a wide range of headlight protectors, which help to maintain the integrity of the headlights against the impact of any stone or debri on the road. Its designs have been adapted to the current aesthetic of the market, minimalist and customizable, but also to the needs of the riders. For this reason, the Puig design team has included a new Quick Release system that allows the Triumph Tiger 900 headlight protector to be mounted and removed in just 3 seconds.


Thanks to this quick drive, the protector can be removed in less than 10 seconds, ideal in case you want to clean the motorcycle or in case of any unforeseen event during a route. It is possible that, in the middle of the off-road section, the preceding vehicle spits mud or dirt on us and this prevents the correct illumination by the headlight. It's as easy as getting off the bike and, without the need for tools, removing the protector to make it like new in no time.