Puig presents its new smartphone support

The user can choose up to three different ways to attach his Smartphone to the motorcycle: the handlebar, the rear-view mirror or an external rod

The mobile phone has become an essential tool of our day to day, being an extension of our hand and being present at all times of the day.

Therefore, the needs of the user have been met from Puig and three new supports have been developed to incorporate this work tool into our passion, the motorcycle.

The manufacturer of Granollers offers up to three different ways to be able to attach your Smartphone to the motorcycle. The support for the mirror base, the support for the mirror rod and the handlebar support.

In the first case, the support for the base of the rear-view mirror (Ref. 3532N) is an universal support with complete mobility, 360º, which also allows a 100% adjustment to guarantee the best view possible during the ride and keeping the rider focused on the road. The support consists of a metal plate and a semi-rigid arm that guarantee a perfect attachment to the base of the mirror. This support is suitable for all those motorcycle models that carry the rear-view mirror on top of the handlebars and it should be noted that it is compatible with Puig quick-fix covers.

In case of attaching it to the rear-view mirror (Ref. 3533N), Puig also offers the possibility of attaching our Smartphone to the rear-view mirror rod. In this case it is a quick and easy attachment bracket, where the plastic body wraps the rearview mirror rod and is fixed using a thumbscrew. The manufacturer offers the piece with different rubber parts, with different thickness, to adapt it to the needs of each motorcycle. This bracket is suitable for mounting on any rear-view mirror with a cylindrical rod from Ø9 to Ø25 and in the same way that the previous one is compatible with the Puig quick-fix covers and with the mirrors of the Catalan manufacturer.

Finally we found the handlebar support (Ref. 3534N). This element allows the smartphone holder to be fixed directly to the motorcycle handlebar. It consists of two halves that fit together and wrap the handlebar tube, while being fixed using a thumbscrew. In addition to the part, Puig supplies different rubber thicknesses to ensure that the support is perfectly fixed to the motorcycle. This piece is good for any handlebar that has a diameter between Ø20 and Ø25 and, like the rest of the brackets, it is compatible with Puig quick-fix covers.

Starting today, your Smartphone will be part of the dashboard of your motorcycle, facilitating your consultation and protection during your ride.