Puig presents its new smartphone support

The user can choose up to three different ways to attach his Smartphone to the motorcycle: the handlebar, the rear-view mirror or an external rod

The mobile phone has become an essential tool of our day to day, being an extension of our hand and being present at all times of the day. Therefore, the needs of the user have been met from Puig and three new supports have been developed to incorporate this work tool into our passion, the motorcycle. The manufacturer of Granollers offers up...


Puig launches its new "neo-retro" front plate

The Catalan brand Puig continues to improve the image and safety of our motorcycle, announcing the new launch of a front plate made of aluminum that enhances the retro design of the bike.

In addition to improving the aesthetic aspect of our motorcycle, Puig continues with the innovation of products that guarantee the safety of the driver. With the new front plate, made of 1mm thick aluminum, you will equip your motorcycle with that "retro" style that makes it so special, adapting perfectly to Retro, Scrambler, Neo-Retro, Custom, cla...

Puig increases the portfolio of side protections for BMW models

The prestigious Catalan brand specializing in motorcycle accessories goes one step further in the protection and safety of both the driver and the vehicle, incorporating the new side covers for the BMW F750GS / 850GS.

In a new attempt to improve the safety and comfort of our motorcycle, Puig developed a new range of side protections in order to protect and reinforce one of the most sensitive parts of our BMW F750GS-850GS avoiding in turn possible splashes of the rear wheel on the biker's legs. The brand manufactures the pieces in ABS material in matt black or...

PUIG presents the new front and rear axle slider PHB19

The manufacturer of Granollers continues to innovate in the protection of two-wheeled vehicles and launches a new front and rear axle sliders that will reinforce one of the most sensitive parts of the motorcycle against possible falls.

One of PUIG’s main objectives is to make a unique experience out of riding a motorcycle and the main mission is none other than to protect the bike from any type of mishap that we may suffer on the road. On this occasion, PUIG presents the new front and rear axle slider PHB 19. This is a piece machined from a Nylon block, with a low weight of ju...

Puig launches new brackets for front turn signals

The brakets will allow the assembly of the Tiny, Light and Double turn signals to enhance the Bobber style of the motorcycle.

In the middle of the 20th century, the Bobber motorcycle movement was emerging in the United Kingdom. Rock and roll and speed were everything in this era and motorcycling fans wanted to capture those two passions on their motorbikes. It was a style where the lightening of the machine prevailed, looking for beauty and aesthetics at the base of the b...

PUIG News for 2019

Here we present briefly the new products that PUIG is going to launch in the market next season, which were introduced last week at the international Motorcycle Show in Milan EICMA.

RETROVISOR MODEL RETRO The retro style with rounded shape joins the maximum aerodynamic penetration of a front aircraft and the unique enhanced 3D machining. As a result, a mirror with its own personality. Note: Homologated mirror. GTI MODEL MIRROR The GT rear mirror with built-in indicator. A sophisticated design and a great adjusting...

Thanks for your visit at EICMA 2018!

Puig was once again at the most important fair in the motorcycle sector worldwide.

If you want to know the news that was presented in EICMA, please check this link:

New windshield Puig TX for scooter

The specialist in protections and accessories for motorcycles incorporates into his catalog a windshield for the protection of the most urban drivers.

Puig has expanded its catalog with the new TX windshield, developed specifically for scooters. It is a screen-printed transparent protection, and it is characterized by its stylized design, with lateral flaps air deflectors and a curvature in the upper part that improves the protection The screen is made of high-strength plastic material, with a...

Puig officially presents its spoiler line "Downforce" for the high-end liter bikes.

Developed following the evolution from Motogp, Puig puts at your fingertips the latest aerodynamic innovations from the competition, which provide significant improvements in performance and driving your sport.

Tested in several circuits and with the collaboration of Team Kawasaki Racing team, its effectiveness has been demonstrated by improving the grip of the front wheel when braking, created by the downforce effect, the greater stability in straights and changes of direction as well as the antiwheelie effect in strong accelerations. Lightweight and...