Vintage 2.0 Frame Sliders

Vintage 2.0 Frame Sliders for motorcycle Indian FTR 1200 2021

The Vintage 2.0 frame slider is a reinterpretation of the first crash pads, with cylindrical and robust shapes. Its double section and central grooves give it a slimmer look without losing muscle. The optional incorporation of the rubber rings has a double function: they protect the rider from possible blows and allow the frame slider to be personalized with its range of colors.

At a dimensional level, it has the same length as the long R12 / R19 protector (85mm), so it can be exchanged in all the references where these frame sliders are mounted.

Like all Puig frame sliders, it is made of Polyamide in order to guarantee great resistance to impact and good friction capacity.

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Vintage 2.0 Frame Sliders For Indian FTR 1200 2021

Adapters for Vintage 2.0 Frame Sliders of Indian FTR 1200 2021

Rubber Rings Set

Rubber set not included. They are ordered separately.

  • Blue REF. 3667A $12.87

  • Red REF. 3667R $12.87

  • Green REF. 3667V $12.87

  • Grey REF. 3667U $12.87

  • White REF. 3667B $12.87




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