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Rear Fenders for motorcycle BMW F900R 2021

Add extra protection to your bike with the new range of Puig rear fenders.

Manufactured in ABS material, highly resistant to impacts and with great aerodynamic capacity, it will be the ideal complement to cover one of the empty parts of the motorcycle. It will also protect you from possible splashes or objects impacts during the ride. In addition to the protection, Puig has placed special emphasis on the design of the piece, achieving an avant-garde fender for each model of motorcycle that will maximize the image and spirit of the motorcycle.

In this case, Puig offers you the chance to choose between three different models of mudguards to customize the motorcycle to your needs. Rear mudguard "S", ideal for Naked models. rear fender type "R", specific for R motorcycles and rear mudguard with aluminum support, breaker design with aluminum injection supports fixed to the swingarm of the motorcycle, specifically created for Crosstourer models.

The Puig rear fenders are available in two finishes: flat black and carbon look.
Attaching this part to your motorcycle is a simple and quick task thanks to the installation kit and the instructions sheet which will allow you to enjoy it in a matter of minutes. 

We recommend to verify how our fender works together with any other accessories you may have installed previously.

Product’s information

Give more protection to your BMW with the rear fender from Puig.

The rear fender from Puig will improve the protection of the wheel of your BMW thanks to its larger dimensions, increasing the coverage of the wheel arch that avoids possible splashes or impacts in the area of ​​the shock absorber, as well as the legs of the rider or passenger. In addition, it includes a chain guard that will keep the chain protected.

With aggressive lines, in addition to protection, the rear fender will give your BMW a new, more aggressive and stylish image.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona with the best technologies in the field of technical plastic molding, the rear fender is made of 4mm thick ABS, a material highly resistant to any type of impact that we encounter during the route, such as stones or small objects.

Its total measurements are 270mm high by 695mm long and 300mm wide.

To safeguard and enhance the aesthetic line, Puig offers you up to two different finishes: matte black and carbon look.

The assembly of the part is an easy task, which will not take more than 20 minutes, and does not require mechanical knowledge. It does not affect any essential part of the motorcycle.

Along with the piece, Puig provides an instruction manual to facilitate assembly.

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