Pin Turn Lights

Pin Turn Lights

Puig progressive turn signals are the latest trend for motorcycle customization. They are small in size (PIN 70.20x24.3mm) and their clear lenses give them an appearance that complements and enhances the aesthetics of the motorcycle.
Their progressive blinking effect in addition to offering an attractive look, attracts more attention when activated, which improves visibility over conventional turn signals.

To install our turn signals, you can do it using relays or resistors:

1. Mount a resistor in parallel on the right circuit and another on the left. If you replace the four turn signals, it is necessary to use the resistor Ref. 4298O.
If only two (front or rear) are replaced, the resistor Ref. 5873O must be used. The resistors are supplied with graphic instructions to perform the installation.
-Note: in some motorcycle models, warnings become disabled if resistors are used.

2. Identify the motorcycle flasher relay (location and number of pins) and replace it with the corresponding one.
On most motorcycles, the warning signal works correctly when the relay is replaced.
Note: we can find motorcycles in the market in which the relay performs more functions apart from intermittence, obviously, in this case it cannot be replaced.

So we will have to opt for option 1.

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