Z-Racing Screen
Z-Racing Screen
Z-Racing Screen
Z-Racing Screen

Z-Racing Screen for motorcycle Aprilia TUONO V4 FACTORY 2022

Provide your motorcycle with the sport character you have always looked for, with the racing screen from Puig.

The Z-RACING line is based on balancing an agressive stance in accordance to your motorcycle, while keeping comfort and functionality for the rider.

The Z-Racing screens are designed to be more aerodynamically efficient than their stock ones, they are fully tested in the virtual wind tunnel to garantee improvements in the aerodinamic coeficient (Cx) and the aerodynamic protection to the rider. Thanks to its doble height, they deflect the wind that would otherwise hit the helmet and top area of the torso. In the meantime, the side channels pick up air flow and send it sideways with the objective of reducing air pressure from the rider’s shoulders.  

The aerodinamic protection improvement is of 12,7% (on average with the upper body up) versus the original model and of 61% in the “racing” position.

Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, with the most advanced technologies, with high impact acrylic of 3mm. We come up with a very strong piece, light, durable and with a rounded edge of 2mm (accomplishing the safety control from the German TÜV). The artificial vision system utilized during the quality control process guarantee that the screens will get to the client in perfect shape.

The Z-Racing screens are available in a wide range of colors to personalize your motorcycle to your taste.

Instalation of the screen doesn’t require aditional parts like trims and every screen comes with an in depth aerodynamic study that indicates the improvement in performance, as well as the protection to the rider.

Check if the part number is homologated by the German KBA and if it is already included in the homologation in the DOCUMENTS section.

Product’s information

The new Z-Racing screen for the Aprilia Tuono 660 has been designed to protect the rider from gusts of wind, providing greater protection and aerodynamic resistance. Its Z-shaped ducts deflect and guide the air to the sides, away from the rider and providing a greater sense of comfort.

Designed and manufactured entirely in Barcelona under the most cutting-edge technology and the experience that Puig treasures in high competition. The Z-Racing windshield is made of 3mm thick, high-impact acrylic material, allowing the piece to be sturdy against possible impacts, resistant to UV and light in weight thanks to its material.

The piece is available in clear, light smoked, dark smoked and black finishes.

The overall measurements of the new Z-Racing screen are 285mm wide x 350mm high, +55mm difference from the original part.

The assembly of the new Z-Racing screen is a simple task that will not take us more than 20 minutes. The piece is fixed to the motorcycle by means of 3 small and discreet metallic supports that allow to increase the protection of this. It is not necessary to have specific knowledge of mechanics.

Along with the piece, Puig provides a complete instruction booklet to facilitate the assembly of the piece and a comparative study of the Puig screen with respect to the original.

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Z-Racing Screen For Aprilia TUONO V4 FACTORY 2022


55 mm. higher than the original
Thickness: 3 mm



TEST Ref. 20794

STUDY Ref. 20794


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