Windshield New Generation Touring
Windshield New Generation Touring
Windshield New Generation Touring
Windshield New Generation Touring
Windshield New Generation Touring

Windshield New Generation Touring for motorcycle Yamaha MT-07 2021

If you have a naked-type motorcycle with non-round headlights, the new generation of Puig windshields will be the best complement for your machine.

Manufactured in PMMA, it will guarantee the best protection against possible impacts and above all, against the wind and weather conditions that may arise while riding. In addition, it gives your motorcycle a greater aerodynamic capacity.

As for the aerodynamic capacity, Puig provides together with the piece, the aerodynamic study of the piece during the creation process.

The new generation of Puig windshields adapts perfectly to your motorcycle model and is sometimes available in two types: New Generation Sport or New Generation Touring.

The user can not only decide the type of windshield, but also has the chance of choosing from a wide range of colors for the one that best suits the aesthetic line of his motorcycle.

The assembly of the new windshield is a very easy task that comes with instructions. It is intuitive and visual, to facilitate the placement of the new fairing.

Check if the part number is homologated by the German KBA and if it is already included in the homologation in the DOCUMENTS section.

Product’s information

Protect yourself against inclement weather and improve the comfort of your Yamaha with the NG Touring windshield from Puig.

The NG Touring windshield from Puig will become your perfect ally on the motorcycle thanks to its minimalist lines, which give continuity to the aesthetic line of the motorcycle and provide greater aggressiveness as a result of the matt black color of its exterior and the silver logo. Along with its functionality, protecting you against inclement weather, gusty wind or splashes.

Designed in Barcelona with the best technologies, it is a piece with reduced weight but resistant, which consists of rounded edges of Ø4mm for greater safety of the rider. Its total measurements are 445mm high by 310mm wide, while the distance from the meter is + 155mm.

The NG Touring windshield is made of 3mm thick, high-impact acrylic material, a highly resistant material against possible impacts and gusts of wind.

The piece is available in clear, smoked, dark smoked and black.

The adhesion to the motorcycle will be carried out through the 4 screws that fix the supports to the motorcycle, and through 4 more screws that will fix the screen to the motorcycle. Therefore, it is a simple assembly, which does not require specific knowledge, and can be done by following the illustrations in the instructions provided by the brand.

The new windshield improves the rider's aerodynamic protection by 45%, especially on the torso and shoulders. This improvement is due to the shapes specially designed and tested to deflect the air that hits from the front.

Along with the piece, Puig serves an intuitive instruction manual and the aerodynamic study carried out on the piece.

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Windshield New Generation Touring For Yamaha MT-07 2021


155 mm. higher than the original
Thickness: 3 mm

Before and after

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TEST Ref. 20619

STUDY Ref. 20619


Technical features

  • ​Check the ABE HOMOLOGATION document if the product is homologated for your motorcycle


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