Puig EICMA News

All the attendees to the EICMA international show in Milan were able to see and experience first-hand, the newest from PUIG for the coming year. If you could not attend, here you will find images and a brief description of the PUIG news for next year.

Monaco Rearview Mirror: built from billet aluminium. Mirrors to be mounted at the handlebar ends over or under the bars, with a final ball joint adjustment, so you can adjust it without the need for tools. Designed from minimalistic-chic lines with a soft touch and with excellent finish. View photo 1.

Support for electronic devices to the brake fluid reservoir’s lead: built from billet aluminium. It attaches to the lead with universal fastenings which allows them to be mounted to most motorcycles. Its lateral mounting location allows easy view to the motorcycle’s instrumentation. View photo 2.

Supports for adjustable pegs: built from billet aluminium. They allow for the peg to be adjusted in a 30mm radious and intervals of 15º to optimize the position to the rider’s liking. For the rider, you can mount any of the peg models. For the passenger, you can  mount all pegs except for the Trail and Enduro. 

Rearview mirror F1.1: built from billet aluminium. To the racing design of the F1 rearview mirror we add a ball joint to the mirror, which allows for the final adjustment, without needing any tools. The perfect combination. View photo 3.

Levers 3.0: built from billet aluminium. Available in foldable, unfoldable short and long and extendable. With 6 positions of adjustability for distance between the lever and the grip and rounded for comfort to the touch. Great quality finish and the possibility of opting for anodized colors, they allow for the personalization of the lever and the image of the motorcycle. View photo 4.

Look Rearview Mirrors: built from billet aluminium. Mirrors to be mounted at the handlebar ends over or under the bars, with a final ball joint adjustment, so you can adjust it without the need for tools. Designed in minimalistic lines and excellent finish, adds a modern retro theme. View photo 5.

Rearview caps: Built from billet aluminium block. They cover the hole from the rearview mirrors for R motorcycles with fairing. Thanks to being built and anodized in black, it acquires a very high quality finish. View photo 6.

Lever Protector: built from billet aluminium. Excellent adjustability to find a perfect adjustment with the lever. Functional design for racing, choose from two anodized colors to personalize it all. View photo 4.

Support for electronic devices to R Motorcycle’s stem: built from billet aluminium. It attaches to the stem’s aluminium hole and works for holes between 13 and 19mm in diameter. Excellent regulation to attach devices in a way, so that they interfere minimally with the motorcycle’s instrumentation. View photo 7. 

Monobrac Rear Fender: Puig has designed the single sided rear fender for the new Trail BMW line, for models such as F750, F850 and F850GS.

Single sided piece in light but strong aluminium, metal working that offers a great attachment with simple lines and high quality plastic in matt black, allows perfect adjustment and alignment once mounted.

Products designed and built in Barcelona, Spain, under the highest quality standards. View photo 8.

Sidestand Foot Enlarger: built from billet aluminium. They increment to the base of the kickstand to ensure proper stability to the parked motorcycle, especially while on dirt. The combination of anodized colors adds a quality touch to a functional piece. View photo 9.

Risers to elevate handlebars: built from billet aluminium. They elevate the handlebars to 20 or 30mm in height to adjust the bars to every rider’s needs. It comes with different size screws to allow proper adjustment to most motorcycles. View photo 10.

M.E.M.: Puig introduces a new line after having worked for long and bets to a great future, a line of manual mechanisms to elevate your motorcycle’s windscreens.

Looking for the best adaptation capacity of our products for client’s tastes and sizes, Puig presents this mechanism that wants to offer the rider the desired aerodynamic protection while riding, either to adjust it to the rider’s concrete aerodynamics to his/hers taste or the specific weather conditions and of the terrain at any given time.

Mechanisms that are used simply with your hands and without the need of tools and that can be adjusted precisely in the location that the rider wishes as the optimum point for him/her.

Currently available for: Indian Scout, Ducati Diavel and Xdiavel, Yamaha MT09 and Honda Africa Twin. Products designed in Barcelona, Spain, under the highest quality standards.  View photo 11.

Universal Handguards: New line of universal handguards for your motorcycle, whether it is naked, trail or sport touring, which add maximum personalization capabilities thanks to the different components which can be combined to obtain optimum aerodynamic protection to the rider. 

Built from the highest plastic injection technologies and greatest quality of high impact acrylic, designed with sober and discrete lines, it adjusts perfectly to every motorcycle style given its simple, but aggressive lines. With a more sports look with minimum coverage, but aesthetically great component or more touring, where protection is paramount while being discrete.