New Puig injection intake covers for the BMW R1200 GS.

The specialist in plastic protections and accessories for the bike offers a light and robust solution for the injection intake of the German trail.

Puig increases the possibilities of personalization of the BMW R1200 GS 2013 and later models with the new covers for the injection intakes (Ref 9175).

This accessory is made of embedded aluminum, one millimeter thick, which provides great resistance to shock and effectively protects these specially exposed components for the proper functioning of the Boxer engine of the Bavarian trail.

Its design, smooth and fluid shapes and respecting the aesthetics of the BMW, is the result of Puig's long experience in the development of aerodynamic parts for the bike, both for the high competition and for series models. The new covers, by diverting air flow much more continuously, optimize the aerodynamic efficiency of the motorcycle.

The assembly of the covers is simple and reliable, and no prior knowledge of mechanics is required.