Downforce Naked Side Spoilers
Downforce Naked Side Spoilers
Downforce Naked Side Spoilers

Downforce Naked Side Spoilers for motorcycle Yamaha MT-09 SP 2022

Give your motorcycle the latest innovations from the WorldSBK and MotoGP championship pit lanes with Puig's Downforce Naked spoilers. The experience gained together with the Kawasaki Racing Team has allowed us to develop these racing aesthetic and downforce effect spoilers for the most successful segment of our market.

By mounting these spoilers you will increase the vertical downforce at high speeds, an effect that will improve the stability of the bike and reduce the risk of losing control over the front axle. Thanks to the tests carried out in the virtual wind tunnel, which can be consulted on our portal, the flotation of the front wheel has been minimized as much as possible. This load allows greater grip on the tire and contributes to the anti-simmie and antiwheelie effect, which occur in aggressive accelerations and can cause an accident. In addition, we will improve cornering and the bike's poise will be superior.

Puig's Downforce Naked spoilers have been designed and manufactured in Barcelona, following the latest developments in the field of aerodynamics of MotoGP and WorldSBK. Thanks to the advances and avant-garde technologies of the firm, you can equip your naked street with the best innovations and features of high competition. In addition to providing an aggressive aesthetic and personalizing your motorcycle to taste thanks to its wide range of available colors.

They have been manufactured taking into account safety regulations, with rounded edges and a radius of >2 mm. Its assembly is simple, it does not require drilling the fairing, and it is assembled quickly following the detailed instructions supplied on paper.

Product’s information

Puig's new line of Naked spoilers have been designed under the latest trends and with aerodynamic innovations derived from Puig's experience in top competition. Improve your MT-09 and turn it into a Supernaked with the new downforce spoiler, which guarantees a substantial improvement in the aerodynamic capacity of your motorcycle.

The four channels that are created between the walls of the ABS wings and the deflectors generate a downforce that helps in hard braking and in the anti-wheelie effect. In turn, they dramatically improve your front appearance.

It is important to note that some extra brackets are supplied that allow the turn signals to be repositioned just behind the wings.

Entirely designed and manufactured in Barcelona, ​​by our engineers and designers, pioneers in transferring the aerodynamics of the competition to a street bike.

The new Downforce Naked spoiler is made of high-end plastic and a closed section, to channel the air and direct it correctly thanks to its lower fins, made of 4mm high-end CN acrylic material, available in black, red and blue to customize the most of this accessory.

The spoiler is made of matte black ABS so that its adaptation to the fairing is successful.

The assembly is done easily without the need for mechanical knowledge. Following, step by step, the instructions provided by Puig.

The Downforce Naked spoiler provides numerous aerodynamic benefits, among which the downforce effect of 3.2 Kg of force under heavy braking, anti-shimmie effect, anti-wheelie effect and greater stability in changes of direction stand out.

Along with the piece, Puig serves a brochure with assembly instructions and the aerodynamic study carried out in video and pdf format.

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Downforce Naked Side Spoilers For Yamaha MT-09 SP 2022

Downforce Naked spoilers

R19 and PRO compatible engine protectors.

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